Lądek’s summer is going to be abounding


Holidays are meant to get relaxed. To rest after months of toil, doing nothing at all. How long can you lie on your back, though? A day, two at the most. Only a Muslim fakir or a Hindu ascetic can manager longer.  An ordinary, healthy Pole can stand it till late afternoon at the most. In the evening he must go out, meet people, do something different than he’s been doing for months in his daily routine. He can’t stand still. On holidays you can certainly travel to the seaside, sunbathe on the sand, then go to a disco at night, however, the Baltic sea is unpredictable, not as warm as you’d like it to be, promenades are crowded and discos are passé, what’s more, mosquitoes are devouring you.


Let’s be honest, mountains are the best. Gorgeous Tatras, Polish Carpathian Mountains and unique Giant Mountains (Karkonosze). However, they have the same defect as our seaside resorts. Trekking along the routes you’ve got a feeling as if you were at a crowded airport in Hannover or New York. Living in a city we experience such attractions every day. But, it’s enough to scrutinize the map of Poland and find Lądek-Zdrój, a perfect place to relax in different ways.


Lądek-Zdrój offers a wide range of opportunities to spend your free time. Sophisticated refugium of nature surrounding the oldest health resort in Poland lets us taste resting in wildlife, but also makes us try sports challenges like cycling and mountain jogging. Using our mineral waters and balneological surgeries are invaluable benefits of staying at this place. When we are exhausted with fresh air in the mountains and massages or peloid baths, we’ve got an opportunity to take part in cultural events. The season of summer events organized in Lądek-Zdrój in 2016 looks abounding indeed. There will be festivals as well as sporting competitions. What do you fancy?


4-9 July

Dancing holidays? Voilà, especially for you, especially in Lądek-Zdrój – the XVIII  Olga Sawicka International Festival of Dance! Workshops run by reputable tutors from all over the world, great spectacles by European theatres of dancing, ballet groups, meetings with artists, exhibitions and competitions – and this is not all.


17 July

Rural singing and a scent of simplicity? Indeed! VII Lądek’s Folk Spas, the review of folk groups from Lower Silesia. A riot of variegated costumes and joyful melodies played by country instruments. A feast for ethnologists and folk fans.


21-24 Juy

Are you into jogging? Lądek-Zdrój invites to IV Lower Silesian Festival of Mountain Running. One of the most popular events of that kind in Poland, with the main distance of 240 km and six shorter ones; there will be something for children, too. In the sporting event in 2015 as many as 1500 runners took part in it.


30 July –  6 August

The charm of past epochs, are you keen on that? We’ve got that, too.   II Festival “Music at the Source” presents sound postcards from different parts of the world as well as from different epochs, all performed in amazing ways. Our native “Bogurodzica” and “Fiery Czardas”, French concert “Over the Roofs of Paris” and greatest hits of Ordonka and Kiepura are only parts of festival attractions. The opening event is “Lądek’s Time Vehicle”, a historic journey through the past times of Lądek’s resort.


20 – 28 August

If you happen to be kids, we also have what you like best: the Festival of Puppet Theatres “Skwerek”. A two-weekend unique event prepared by the youngest puppet troupes. In the digital world it’s a comeback to fascinating forms of children’s entertainment.


22 – 25 September

Are you fond of extreme mountains experience? There it is! You won’t sufler from frostbitten toes, but you’ll be breathtaken with XXI Andrzej Zawada Mountain Festival. The oldest event of that kind in Poland, accompanied by the Review of Mountain Films. A real find for mountain lovers and everything you can do in them. Film projections, meetings with Himalayan climbers, travelers, concerts of independent artists and a lot more.

We have listed only the greatest cultural and sporting projects in summer 2016 in Lądek-Zdrój. Apart from them there will be organized minor concerts, exhibitions and other actions which can’t be mentioned here for the lack of space. You can find all about it at www.ladek.pl, or  www.ckirladek.pl, or www.ladekwpromocji.pl.


In Lądek-Zdrój you will spend the most wonderful holiday 2016. Who knows, it may be worse next year, for this year’s offer is extraordinary. The accommodation and gastronomic base is excellent, too. It has increased in number and improved in standard. According to the oldest inhabitants, Lądek has not had hotels like that since the end of the 19th century. The Conference Centre “Kalina****” is the best example. Comfortable rooms and apartments, beauty clinic, drink bar with broad range of beverages, sophisticated dishes in the menu; and a bistro bar with simple, tasty dishes is going to be open soon. Last but not least, “Kalina” is located in a cosy, quiet area of the spa, five-minute walk from its centre. Find us at: www.ck-kalina.pl.


Welcome to Lądek-Zdrój, mosquitos won’t devour you here.


author: Tomasz Pawlęga

translation: Lidia Achrem

photos: Radoław Pietraga



tel. +48 74 811 03 05,  recepcja@ck-kalina.pl

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